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Custom Coils and Solenoids for Industrial, Agricultural, and On-Highway Applications

US Cotronics is proud to be one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of custom coils for agricultural systems, on-highway vehicle components, and various industrial equipment applications. Our quality coil solutions are commonly found within industrial hydraulic valves and solenoids, inverter circuits and motor controls, as well as vehicle emissions components, turbochargers, and fuel injection systems.

The Most Common Electromagnetic Coil Applications for Agriculture and Heavy Equipment

  • Hydraulic Valves and Solenoids
  • Engine Ignition and Emissions Systems
  • Industrial Clutches and Brake Systems
  • Heavy Equipment Switchgear and Inverter Circuits
  • Relays and Industrial Motor Controls
Encapsulated Coil Image

Line Traps and Choke Coils

Some of the most common specialized electromagnetic coil applications for the industrial equipment sector are line/wave trap choke coils used in high-voltage (HV) applications. These critical coil devices are commonly installed in commercial power lines and other HV transmission lines. These industrial coil devices are engineered to impede the transmission of specific electrical frequencies into unwanted locations, such as system substations. 

Engines, Generators, and Emissions Systems for Agricultural and On-Highway Vehicles

Modern diesel engines, power generators, and their associated emissions systems rely on custom electromagnetic coils built for performance in the toughest of commercial applications. For example, diesel fuel injection, air intake metering, combustion monitoring, and various other powertrain functions are all electronically controlled in today’s industrial equipment.

A multitude of specialized sensors and precision sensing devices are installed throughout the transmission and powertrain systems of modern on-highway and agricultural vehicles. This is to ensure proper performance and reliability in conjunction with the engine’s output, and also to integrate various auxiliary systems that are powered by the vehicle’s engine or generator. Additionally, highly complex electronic emissions systems are installed on virtually all modern industrial vehicles to maximize efficiency while minimizing the commercial operation’s carbon footprint. 


Other Common Industrial Coil and Solenoid Applications

  • Accelerometers

  • Air Compressors

  • Circuit Routing and Containment

  • CNC Machining Units

  • Flat Panel Displays

  • Flowmeters

  • Heater Coils

  • Ignition Systems

  • Inverter Circuits

  • Monitoring Equipment and Screens

  • Part Feeding/Automation Equipment

  • Relay and Motor Controls

  • Ruggedized Computers

  • Semiconductors

  • Electromagnetic Sensors

  • Signaling and Control
    Production Workstations

Custom Coils Winding Solutions for On-Highway, Agricultural, and Industrial Equipment

Based out of Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is a domestic manufacturer of electromagnetic coils serving the industrial, agricultural, and on-highway sectors. Our company has offered superior quality coil winding solutions for commercial applications since 1985. We strive to deliver products on time with unbeatable quality, consistency, and customer service.