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Transformer Coil Winding and Core Manufacturing

US Cotronics offers the experience and capability to manufacture custom transformers for high-performance commercial and industrial applications. We offer complete in-house transformer coil winding services as well as core manufacturing. Our custom transformer coil solutions include step-down, step-up, and isolation transformers used in small-power, medium-power, and large-power applications.


Step-Up Transformers

A step-up transformer is designed to increase the primary low-voltage current to a high secondary voltage. Again, it is achieved by the ratio of primary and secondary winding ratio. For the Step-Up transformer, the ratio of the primary winding and the Secondary winding remains less than 1. That means the number of turns in the secondary winding is higher than the primary winding.

Step-Down Transformers

A Step-Down Transformer is used in both Electronics and Electrical domains. A step-down transformer converts the primary voltage level to a lower voltage across the secondary output. This is achieved by the ratio of primary and secondary windings. For step-down transformers the number of windings is higher across the primary side than the secondary side. Therefore, the overall winding ratio of primary and secondary always remains more than 1.

Isolation Transformers

The isolation transformer is used to isolate the primary and secondary. As discussed previously, the transformer does not have any electrical connections between primary and secondary, it is also used as an isolation barrier where the conduction happens only with the magnetic flux. It is used for safety purposes and to cancel noise transfer from primary to secondary or vice-versa.

ISO 9001:2015-Certified Manufacturing Services for Core-and-Coil Transformers

US Cotronics is certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards, ensuring every custom transformer coil is manufactured with superior quality and consistency – which has enabled us to achieve a sub 10 ppm rating on delivered products.

Our robust quality assurance program employs APQP methodology to facilitate consistency in all of our in-house manufacturing processes. Our commitment to quality allows our company to maintain the highest standards for custom transformer manufacturing. At US Cotronics, we understand how critical your transformer components are. That’s why we have maintained over 99% on-time delivery for our products while shipping over 750,000 coil products per year.

Custom Transformer Coil Winding Services Since 1985

Established in 1985 in Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is a quality-focused American manufacturer capable of meeting the quality and performance demands of industrial transformer applications. We provide complete in-house coil winding services and electro-mechanical assembly solutions to deliver your custom transformer coils on time and simplify your supply chain.