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Voice Coil Windings and Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) Manufacturing

US Cotronics manufactures electromagnetic voice coil windings for voice coil actuators (VCAs) found in a wide variety of today’s electronics products. This unique type of custom coil windings is common in many direct-drive linear motor applications. Voice coil actuators utilize a permanent magnetic field assembly which is integrated with various wound coil configurations.

Common product applications for voice coil windings include semiconductor manufacturing and testing equipment, computer hard disc drives (HDDs) and optical storage systems, camera lens focusing systems and optical image stabilizers (OSS), precision medical devices, as well as many electromechanical oscillation components found in both industrial equipment and consumer products.


Custom wound voice coils and actuators are offered in various configurations that are uniquely optimized for different types of product applications.

Moving Coil Type VCA

The most common configuration is the moving coil type actuator – typically a bobbin-wound coil configuration. Conventional moving coil type VCAs are relatively simple and cost-effective. The actuator generates propulsion by moving the wound coil in and out of a permanent magnetic field.

Moving Magnet Type VCA

Voice coil actuators with a moving magnet configuration are becoming increasingly popular due to their reliability and capability of increased stroke lengths. In these VCA components, the coil winding is static while the magnetic assembly moves around it to generate a precise force without stressing any of the delicate wiring and electronics.

Cylindrical Voice Coil Actuators

The most common shape configuration for VCAs is a cylindrical coil winding. Cylindrical VCAs can be manufactured with a frameless coil configuration for compact sizing and versatility, as well as semi-housed and fully housed VCA configurations.

Rotary Voice Coil Actuators

Rotary VCAs are specialized wound coil configurations that are generally preferred in high-accelerations applications that also require highly accurate angular movement, such as lens focusing motors, gimbals, stabilizers, and various other precision-positioning systems.

Rectangular Voice Coil Actuators

Rectangular VCAs offer some unique advantages compared to cylindrical coils. The electromechanical properties of rectangular coil windings make these VCAs more suitable for high-force applications that demand a longer stroke length.


The common product name “voice coil” is a bit of a misnomer – in addition to speaker, microphone, and audio products, voice coil actuators are one of today’s most common types of direct drive linear motor found across a wide range of products and applications.

The name is derived from the original application of voice coils that were installed in electromagnetic speaker systems. In traditional loudspeakers, the coil actuator vibrated the speaker’s paper cone that amplified audio output and gave the device its “voice”.

The basic construction of a voice coil actuator consists of a specialized coil winding installed within a permanent magnetic field assembly. Depending on the configuration, either the coil assembly moves through the field, or the magnetic assembly moves around the coil to generate precise force, acceleration, and motion control.

Custom voice coil windings are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the different force requirements of many different product applications. Common VCA applications range from micro-coils for medical devices and consumer electronics to large high-powered VCAs used in today’s industrial equipment – with force output ratings ranging from dozens of grams to hundreds of pounds.


US Cotronics is an ISO 9001:2015-certified domestic manufacturer dedicated to delivering quality and consistency. Our hands-on quality assurance team utilizes APQP methodology throughout our production processes to continuously ensure superior results. Our robust quality control processes guarantee that all custom voice coil components are manufactured on time and according to your exact specifications.

Complete Custom Coil Manufacturing Services

US Cotronics is an ISO 9001:2015-certified winding house offering full in-house manufacturing solutions for custom voice coils and coil actuators. Located in Fairbury, Illinois, our company has delivered superior American manufacturing solutions, customer service, and engineering support since 1985.