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Bobbin Wound Coil Manufacturing

US Cotronics manufactures high-quality bobbin wound coil products in both standard and nonstandard configurations. Our custom wound bobbin coils are engineered for your unique products and components and manufactured according to your exact specifications.

Custom Bobbin Wound Coil Products and Components

Bobbin Wound Coils

US Cotronics manufactures a complete range of standard and custom coil products featuring a bobbin wound construction.

Transformer Wound Coils

We can provide your project with reliable, high-performance bobbin wound transformer components manufactured for intensive industrial power applications.

Tape Wrapped Bobbin Wound Coils

We produce tape-wrapped bobbin wound coils for improved insulation properties.

Bobbin Wound Solenoids

We manufacture specialized bobbin wound solenoid components for a wide range of custom coil winding applications.

Bobbin Wound Voice Coils

US Cotronics can produce your custom bobbin wound voice coils designed for a range of unique products and devices used in the audio industry.

Bobbin Wound Choke Coils

Our complete product range includes choke coils with a bobbin wound construction, engineered to your precise resistance specifications.


As an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer of custom bobbin wound coil windings, US Cotronics strives for complete quality control and product consistency. Employing APQP methodology, our quality assurance experts remain hands-on throughout the manufacturing processes. Our robust quality control process ensures that all of our custom bobbin wound coil products are manufactured consistently within spec and delivered on time.

What Are Bobbin Wound Coils? Advantages, Disadvantages, and Applications

As the product name suggests, bobbin wound coils utilize a ferromagnetic body or core material that supports the winding. This tried-and-true method of construction allows for the manufacturing of reliable coil products that are highly consistent and capable of generating higher levels of inductance.

Compared to self-supported coils or air-core coils, the downside of bobbin wound coils is that their construction takes up more space. This precludes bobbin wound coils from being utilized in certain complex electro-mechanical applications that require a more compact coil solution.

Custom Bobbin Wound Coils and Electro-Mechanical Components Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Based out of Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is a premium American manufacturer offering superior bobbin wound coil products since 1985. We strive to deliver products on time with unbeatable quality, consistency, and customer service through all of our custom bobbin-wound products and manufacturing services.