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Custom Coil Windings for Consumer Products Including PCB Assemblies

US Cotronics manufactures various wound coils and solenoids for electro-mechanical consumer devices, including non-integrated PCB coils. The coil winding team at US Cotronics is experienced in manufacturing custom coils for the consumer products industry and many unique market sectors.

Electromagnetic Coil Manufacturing for a Range of Consumer Electronic Devices

Electromagnetic Coils for PCB Assemblies

Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies are found in virtually every consumer electronic device. While many PCB assembly applications require a specialized manufacturing process with an integrated on-board coil solution, other PCB assemblies utilize an externally mounted electromagnetic coil. These custom coil windings for PCB assemblies can be precisely manufactured to the required size, shape, and performance requirements of each unique consumer product.

Custom Wound Coils for Mobile Electronics

From smartphones and wearable electronics to laptops and on-the-go workstations, the demand for mobile consumer electronics has exploded over the past few decades. Due to the complex internal designs and small size constraints of the devices, a compact custom coil winding is often required to meet all desired engineering specifications. That’s where US Cotronics comes in – manufacturing quality electromagnetic coils to customer specifications since 1985.

Other Common Coil Applications for Consumer Products and Electronics:

  • Air Compressors
  • Battery Chargers
  • Circuit Board Assembly
  • Fire Controls
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Generators
  • Harness Assemblies with or without Coils
  • Heater Coils
  • Ignition Systems
  • Inverter Circuits
  • J-STD-001 Soldering
  • Laptops/Computers
  • Magnetic Devices
  • Monitoring Equipment (screens)
  • Oxygen Monitoring Systems
  • Positioning Sensors
  • Relay and Motor Controls
  • Ruggedized Computers
  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors and Various Sensing Devices

Quality Coils and Solenoids Manufactured for the Consumer Products and Electronic Devices

Based out of Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is an experienced American serving the consumer electronics sector with quality electromagnetic coil solutions. Our company specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of coils and solenoids for the consumer products sector including non-integrated PCB coils. Since 1985, US Cotronics has provided quality coil windings to leading consumer electronics companies throughout the world.