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A Single-Source Electromagnetic Coil Winding Company for the Automotive Industry

US Cotronics offers unparalleled experience in the production of automotive electromagnetic coil windings and solenoids. As a leading American manufacturer, our company is backed by decades of experience in partnering with some of the global automotive industry’s leading carmakers and OEMs.

From ignition coils to encapsulated solenoids used throughout vehicle electrical systems, we have supplied a wide range of custom coil products and electro-mechanical assemblies to leading automotive manufacturers worldwide.


Automotive Ignition Coils and Custom Induction Coils

Often referred to as a spark coil in passenger vehicle applications, the ignition coil transforms a car or truck battery’s low-voltage output into a high voltage that is capable of generating controlled sparks within the engine’s combustion chamber. To achieve reliable ignition at the spark plug, ignition coils are engineered to precisely convert a vehicle’s 12-volt battery output into thousands of volts. The high voltage is carried through the complex ignition system, terminating at the spark plug where the resulting spark ignites the fuel which powers the engine.

To ensure reliable performance, ignition coils are manufactured with an internal or external resistor (or a separate resistor wire). The purpose of the resistor is to limit the flow of current from the battery into the coil winding. Ignition coils also feature an additional wire routed from the coil to the electrical distributor, which precisely distributes electrical current from the ignition coil to each individual spark plug. Many vehicle ignition coil systems employed in the modern automotive industry also feature a power transistor that controls the pulses from the ignition coil.

Automotive Engine, Powertrain, and Emissions Systems

Aside from the critical ignition coil system, modern automotive powertrain and emissions systems utilize custom electromagnetic coils in a multitude of ways. For example, fuel injection, air intake metering, and a plethora of other engine functions are all electronically controlled. Various sensors are installed throughout the transmission and powertrain to ensure proper performance and reliability in conjunction with the engine’s output. Finally, highly complex electronic emissions systems are installed on all modern vehicles to monitor and control the output of harmful gasses while ensuring maximum efficiency.

On-Board Vehicle Electronics and Safety Systems

Beyond critically functional components, most modern vehicles are packed to the brim with electronics that rely on precision coil windings. From in-car entertainment systems to high-tech safety features like lane monitoring sensors and automated camera systems, electromagnetic coils are increasingly installed throughout today’s automotive products.

Other Automotive Solenoids and Custom Coil Windings Include:

  • Accelerometers
  • Gyroscopes
  • Electro-Magnetic Security Systems
  • Navigation Coils
  • Fluid Control Valves
  • Air/Fuel Monitoring Systems
  • Harness Assemblies with or without Coils
  • Heater Coils
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Relay and Motor Controls
  • Rain Sensors
  • Engine Sensors
  • Various Other Powertrain Sensors
  • Emissions Control System Components

Quality Coils and Solenoids Manufactured in the U.S.A. for Specialized Automotive Applications

Based out of Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is a quality-focused American manufacturer specializing in automotive electromagnetic coil windings. Founded in 1985, our company is backed by decades of delivering products on time with unbeatable quality, consistency, and customer service through all of our electromagnetic coil manufacturing services.