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Electromagnetic Coil Windings Manufactured for Today’s Marine Industry

US Cotronics is your one-stop-shop for custom marine coils and OEM coil solutions. We manufacture a complete range of quality wound coils and solenoids engineered specifically for reliable performance in various maritime applications, including consumer and commercial watercraft.

Coil and Solenoid Manufacturing for the Maritime Industry

Coil Windings for Crucial Marine Navigation Equipment

Specialized electromagnetic coil windings are critical components within today’s highly sophisticated naval navigation systems. From civilian boating applications and ocean liners to commercial shipping and military watercraft, the maritime industry demands absolute precision and reliability from its navigation systems and controls. This precision is necessary to safely coordinate complex boating routes worldwide, to quickly pinpoint stranded or mislocated vessels, and to provide real-time navigation capability to ship captains.

Since 1985, leading providers throughout the marine industry have relied on US Cotronics’ custom electromagnetic coil manufacturing services to ensure safety and reliability within their ship navigation systems.

Maritime Communications Systems

Likewise, the modern marine industry utilizes highly sophisticated communications systems to ensure all watercraft are interconnected at all times. Modern boats may feature multiple high-frequency (HF) and very-high-frequency (VHM) radio systems and single-sideband radios (SSBs) in addition to satellite communications. Every one of these devices relies on quality-built electromechanical coil windings for continued functionality.

Ignition and Starter Coils for Marine Applications

US Cotronics manufactures custom ignition and starter coils that are engineered for reliable performance in today’s marine and naval applications. Watercraft around the world rely on our quality marine ignition coils for consistent engine performance even in the toughest oceanic conditions.

Other Common Marine and Naval Applications for Electromagnetic Coils:

  • Accelerometers

  • Gyroscopes

  • Vessel Fire Suppression System

  • Fluid Control Valves

  • Harness Assemblies with or without Coils

  • Heater Coils

  • Naval and Industrial Switchgear

  • Marine Navigation Coils

  • Night Vision Systems

  • Proximity Sensors

  • Relay and Motor Controls

  • Marine Sensors and Various Sensing Devices

Quality Marine Coils and Solenoids Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Based out of Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is an American manufacturer specializing in custom wound electromagnetic coils for maritime and naval applications. Since 1985 we have strived to deliver products on time with unbeatable quality, consistency, and customer service.