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What Is The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Coils?

At US Cotronics, our custom coil winding services cover a huge range of industries and applications. As one of the Midwest’s leading coil manufacturers for more than 35 years, we have produced unique windings and electro-mechanical assemblies for a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects.

What exactly is the difference between a commercial coil and an industrial coil winding? While there are no regulatory requirements or technical specifications that differentiate commercial and industrial coil products, there are many considerations we take into account when manufacturing a unique product for a specific application.

Commercial Coil Winding Products

Our commercial coil products are used in everything from cars, trucks, and traffic lights to airplanes, electric guitars, and circuit boards in a myriad of consumer devices. At US Cotronics, the majority of our coil windings are produced with wire gauges ranging from 46 AWG to 17 AWG. We also have the ability to wind with heavier or lighter gauge wire as needed if your custom electronics project requires unique specifications.

Examples of Custom Commercial Coil Products Include:

  • Commercial and residential HVAC systems

  • Electronic circuit board coils

  • Automotive ignition systems and electric vehicle (EV) powertrains

  • On-highway and off-highway heavy equipment

Industrial Coil Winding Products

Many of the industrial coil projects we service require more robust windings than commercial products due to the high-power, high-performance nature of industrial applications. Industrial coil windings include energy production / power generation applications (from transformers to oil rigs), industrial manufacturing equipment as well as military projects.

Examples of Custom Industrial Coil Products Include:

  • Industrial HVAC systems

  • Power transformers and energy plant projects

  • Gas and oilfield projects such as flowmeters

  • High-performance industrial heating or cooling applications