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3 Common Everyday Uses and Applications for Custom Electric Coils

Manufacturing quality electric coil products in-house since 1985, US Cotronics has served a diverse range of commercial applications and unique use-cases. Our quality-engineered coils and winding assemblies have been utilized on the highways, skyways and within the electronics systems of industrial and consumer products throughout the nation.

In most of our daily lives, we unwittingly rely on the performance of electric coils in a myriad of ways. Here are three common everyday uses and applications that you likely come across simply driving to work or the grocery store.

HVAC Electric Coils

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems rely on heavy-duty electric coils to efficiently control indoor climates. Whether it’s your home/office HVAC system or the climate control in your car as you commute, keeping the temperature comfortable throughout your daily life depends on a multitude of quality electric coil systems.

Electric Coils for Refrigerant Systems

Similarly, refrigerators rely on dependable, high-performance electric coils to chill and condition the air that preserves our perishable goods. From your fridge at home to the delivery trucks you pass on the road to the cooler systems at the supermarket, electric coils are working hard to keep heat and moisture from spoiling our food supply.

Municipal Electric Coil Applications

Traffic lights and monitoring systems, radio towers, powerline transformers and power generation plants…all of these invaluable tools that keep society running smoothly are brought to life through the use of electric coils systems.

Quality Coils for Any Application – Made in the U.S.A.

Based in Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer that has produced reliable, cost-effective electric coil products in-house since 1985. Regardless of your industry or application, we are your single-source domestic provider of custom coils, windings and assemblies.