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How Custom Coil Manufacturers Can Turn Your Ideas Into Working Products

When it comes to developing your electronics engineering ideas into real working prototypes and products, US Cotronics can be far more than simply a custom coil manufacturing partner. With our innovative in-house developmental expertise, our wealth of information technology combined with some of the industry’s latest coil winding equipment, we have the resources and commitment to transform your engineering concepts into reality.

Industrial Coil Expertise from Design to Delivery

With over 35 years of high-quality coil manufacturing experience, US Cotronics understands the complexities involved in the custom coil design process. We can support your project from the initial design stages through product development, prototyping and testing, until your products are ready for a full production release.

Innovation from Prototype to Production

US Cotronics can provide invaluable support for your custom electronics prototype manufacturing project. Whether it’s a single coil winding or a full-scale batch production, we offer efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solutions that can be optimized for the scope of your production.

Our facility maintains the highest quality standards and takes great pride in consistently exceeding your expectations. We have consistently shipped over 750,000+ products per year at sub 10 ppm quality and greater than 99% on-time delivery.

Superior Coil Manufacturing Solutions Since 1985

Based in Fairbury, Illinois, US Cotronics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer producing reliable, cost-effective electric coil products in-house since 1985. Regardless of your industry or application, we can provide a truly optimized manufacturing solution for your custom coils, windings and assemblies.